About Us

“Justine, our chief trainer at Just DOGS, boasts an impressive educational background with a diploma in Canine Psychology, marked ‘Distinction’, and a completion of the renowned ‘Think Dog!’ Alpha Education Course. She stands firm on the philosophy of non-punitive dog training and offers a variety of courses, workshops, and much more. Justine has also kept up with the latest research and developments in the field by attending numerous professional courses, covering everything from the science of puppy development to scent detection.

Justine’s life is intertwined with her lovable companions: Chumley, a 10-year-old Border Collie, and Tuffa, an 18-month-old Dalmatian. In her world, it’s always about dogs, dogs, and more dogs!

Justine’s courses and workshops are crafted from over two decades of experience working with a multitude of breeds and behavioral complexities. She has had the privilege of providing a loving home to several rescue dogs, each bringing distinct challenges and characters. Through experience and scientific research, we continue to deepen our understanding of dogs, these fascinating creatures that we often underestimate as humans.”

“It’s all about the dog,
it’s as simple as that.”

As the head of Scentwork UK, an expansive organisation boasting over 3,000 members, Justine leads a dynamic and passionate community. Scentwork has been a focal point of Justine’s career for years, with both Chumley and the young Tuffa proving their capabilities in the field. She spearheads the Scentwork UK Instructor, Judges, and Trial Managers courses, in addition to running her own scent workshops, experiences, and clubs. Scentwork can greatly strengthen the bond between handlers and their dogs, a cause Justine deeply champions.

Thriving in the face of challenges and valuing honest evaluation of her skills, Justine operates under the principle, ‘it’s all about the dog’. It truly is that simple. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any dog training needs you may have; Justine is always available for a chat and eager to lend a hand in supporting the blossoming relationship between you and your furry companion.