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"Just DOGS PLUS - Personalised Online Training at Your Own Pace"

Discover the joy of interactive learning with Just DOGS PLUS, our online platform offering engaging, game-based dog training. Enjoy the freedom of progressing at your own pace and choosing when and where you want to train. Our Beginner and Follow-On Courses feature over 30 video tutorials (totaling over 100 hours of content), each packed with an array of games designed to enhance your bond with your dog.

These games are crafted to bolster your dog’s focus and equip them to handle difficult situations – whether that’s dealing with other dogs, people, wildlife, or environmental challenges. If your dog struggles with fear, anxiety, overexcitement, or difficulty settling at home, our games can provide invaluable support.

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of scent work with our Just Scent Dogs Plus program. This 5-week course will guide you through the fundamentals of scent work, giving you and your dog the skills to sniff like professionals. Once enrolled, you’ll gain lifetime access to the course, with new videos released each week. This allows ample time to master each exercise before progressing, ensuring effective training and tangible success.

To start your exciting training journey: choose a membership option and let the games begin!

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Beginner Plus

With over 30 videos the perfect starting point to your online training. Sign up to £20 a month or £150 for yearly access.

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Follow-On Course Feature Image

Follow-On Plus

With over 30 videos taking your training to the next level. Sign up to £20 a month or £150 for yearly access.

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Scentwork Plus

This lifetime access, 5 Week course costs £45.00. This course will get you started in the fundamentals of scentwork.

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Just Dogs - Trainer Led Group Sessions Virtual Learning

Just DOGS provides a range of trainer led group courses from Beginners and Follow-On. Over a number of weeks you will be provided with facebook live classes, Q&A, feedback sessions and support videos. 

Beginner Course Just Dogs

Beginner Trainer Led Group Online Course

x5 week course, including x1 facebook live sessions per week, Q&A and support videos. Plus feedback on your progress. After the course you will be invited to a private facebook group, keeping you connected and providing further dog training opportunities and courses.
Follow-On Course Just Dogs

Follow-On Trainer Led Group Online Course

Training at the next level. x4 week course, x1 facebook lives per week, Q&A plus support videos. Feedback each week on your progress. After completion, you will receive an invitation to Just Dogs private facebook group for even more resources and further opportunities.