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“Unlock your dog’s full potential with our
comprehensive Online Digital Dog Courses!
Discover the fundamentals of dog training,
and the exciting world of scentwork and
master all from the comfort of your own home.”

Welcome to Just Dogs for all your online dog training

“With years of expertise in both online and in-person instruction, Just DOGS brings high-quality dog training right to your doorstep. Our video tutorials create an immersive training experience, as though our trainers were right there with you in your home. Our online course catalog spans from beginner lessons to advanced scent work training – or you can opt for an all-inclusive learning journey.

Explore our diverse online dog training courses, packed with engaging games and tricks that promise to entertain and challenge you and your furry friend beyond just the next few weeks or months. Don’t forget to explore our additional online resources and join our vibrant Facebook community for regular challenges and interactive fun.”

Our Online Membership Courses

“Transform challenges into victories with Just DOGS! In just a few days, our proven games can significantly enhance your dog’s behaviour. All training can be conveniently conducted from the comfort of your own home. To begin, browse our membership packages and discover our online courses featuring over 100 hours of engaging training games. Whether you prefer a monthly or yearly commitment, we’ve got you covered.

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3: choose a course, sign up for a membership subscription, and you’re ready to go! Embark on an exciting journey filled with fun, positive games that will not only strengthen your bond with your four-legged companion but also equip you to handle real-life situations with ease..”

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Beginner Plus

With over 30 videos the perfect starting point to your online training. Sign up to £20 a month or £150 for yearly access.

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Follow-On Plus

With over 30 videos taking your training to the next level. Sign up to £20 a month or £150 for yearly access.

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Scentwork Plus

This lifetime access, 5 Week course costs £45.00. This course will get you started in the fundamentals of scentwork.

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1:1's Online

Any training requirements you need, Just Dogs is on standby. We can support via our online channels and discuss any issues you would like to focus on.

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Behaviour Consult Online

Are you facing undesirable behaviours from your Dog? We have the solution. Don’t suffer in silence we can still assist with any issue you may be facing.

Beginner Course Online

Don’t panic if recently you just got your puppy or rescue dog. At Just Dogs we can still deliver our puppy/adult beginner training via our online channels!

Follow-On Course Online

Usually our courses are face to face, but with the current climate we are still offering these courses virtually. Take your dog to that next level in training.