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Just DOGS Training



Firstly welcome to the Just DOGS Puppy/Adult Beginner Course. Before you join us in person in a few days, we have a short introduction video that we would love for you to watch. In this video we will talk about expectations, how dogs learn, the Hoggy Bank and more. Training should be fun for everyone and our courses are all about fun games that make a difference in the real world. Each of your dogs will be different and some will find certain environments really hard including the training venue. So over the duration of the course we are going to post a couple more videos up on this page to help keep you on track and continue the fun and importantly build those awesome relationships with your dogs. With this in mind please understand that NO AVERSIVE or PUNITIVE methods are permitted on Just DOGS training courses. This includes choke and half choke/check chains, head collars and even extendable leads Please do get in touch with any questions and we look forward to meeting you soon.

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