Scentwork Plus

A 5 Week introduction to Scentwork. Learning these essential fundamentals will have you and your dog searching like the pro's.

Welcome to Just Scent Dogs Plus. Here is a comprehensive introduction to Scent work, a growing dog sport across the Globe. This 5 Week scent work course takes you and your dog through the fundamentals and gets you sniffing like a pro team, whether you would like to take this further and enter competitions or teach your dog a fantastic new skill, then you need look no further.

Each week you will be given insight into the world of scent and what this means to you as a trainer and to your dog. You will have guided theory and activity based sessions allowing you to step up your skills each week. The more you practice these sessions the better you will both become. During the week you can join the Just Dogs facebook group and post videos of your progression and get feedback from Jus at Just Dogs. Until you get up and running check out our facebook page here and see all the things we get up to as well as being able to join the specific scent work group.

Each week new theory and activity based sessions will open up taking you through the next stage of the course. However if you need longer than a week, do not fear as these sessions will be there for you forever!! Jus is always on hand to support you via the Just Scent Dogs Plus forum, facebook or if you require a 1:1 then you can book one of those as well! Have fun, enjoy the process and we hope to see you soon.

Your 4-legged Pal, Treats, Motivational Reward/Toy, Red Kong, Harness, Lead, Collar and safe area.

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Course Includes

  • 23 Lessons