Beginner Plus

Just Dogs Beginner Plus course. A perfect introduction for any puppy or rescue dog. Learn the fundamentals, grow the perfect relationship with your best 4 legged friend and most importantly have loads of fun doing it!

Welcome to our Online Digital Dog Training course for Beginners, with over 40 video training lessons. These videos will take you through some awesome games on a course designed to compliment, reinforce and take you to the next level following the Just Dogs 5 Week Beginner Course. However it’s not essential to have completed the actual 5 weeks but you may find it helpful to have been in a group environment where you can understand and practice the basics with hands-on help if needed… I will always be available through the contact us page but the videos and games are relatively straight forward and fun for you and of course your dog or dogs… These games will help your dog to build focus towards you and help them in difficult situations where there are plenty of distractions.


Your 4 legged friend, clicker, treats, harness, lead, collar and their favourite toys.

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Course Includes

  • 41 Lessons